Mihrimah Sultan Mosque - Istanbul

Mihrimah Sultan Mosque – Istanbul / Turkey

The Mihrimah Sultan Mosque can be found in the Edirnekapi neighborhood near the Byzantine city walls.

It was designed by the famed imperial architect, Mimar Sinan, for Suleiman the Magnificent’s favorite daughter, Princess Mihrimah. The mosque was built between 1562 to 1565. Like many monuments in Istanbul, it was greatly damaged by several earthquakes (1719, 1766,1816, and 1896). Although the mosque was rebuilt each time, its surrounding buildings were never fully restored.

The cube shaped interior rests below a dome 20 meters in diameter and 35 meters in height. The expansive floor area of the mosque is around 1000 square meters. With its abundant stained glass windows, Mihrimah Sultan is one of Mimar Sinan’s most illuminated mosques. The ornamentation inside is relatively simple, allowing visitors to focus on the architecture of the mosque’s vast interior. The stenciled decorations are all modern, however, the white marble mimbar is from the mosque’s original construction.

Mihrimah Sultan Mosque is within walking distance of the city walls, Chora Museum, and Fethiye Mosque.


  • Before entering the mosque, women must cover their heads, shoulders, and legs and men must wear trousers.
  • Try to plan your visit around prayer times.