Istanbul Archaeological Museums - Istanbul / Turkey

Istanbul Archaeological Museums – Istanbul / Turkey

On the first floor, you’ll find artifacts from Istanbul throughout the prehistoric, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine eras. Here you can also view a short video on the archeological digs that uncovered some of the museums recently acquired items. If you can’t make it to some of Turkey’s unforgettable ruins, head upstairs to the second floor and enjoy the Anatolia and Troy through the ages displays. On the third flooryou’U find “Surrounding Cultures of Anatolia: Artifacts from Syria, Palestine, and Cyprus”.

The Tiled Kiosk museum is opposite the main museum and holds approximately 2000 artifacts from the Seljuk and Ottoman eras (11th-20th centuries]. The brilliant colors of the pottery and tile artifacts make it seem as though these items were crafted yesterday and not hundreds of years ago. Possibly the most stunning item in the Tiled Kiosk is the ornate and vibrant Tile Mihrab.

The Ancient Orient Museum houses Pre- Islamic Arabian Art, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Anatolia collections. Fifteen to twenty minutes is enough to appreciate its sunny galleries and ancient artifacts. Nobody wants to miss out on an Egyptian sarcophagus and its mummified occupant Istanbul Archaeological Museums.

The museum also has a small cafe where visitors can enjoy coffee, tea, and other refreshments. Outdoor tables are within arms reach of a surplus of unmarked pillars and headless statues.